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Hiring taxi in Bhutan

Posted in Driving and Transport by Priya Sharma - 5 years ago
Hi, three of us (all adults) are planning to visit Bhutan in November for about a week. We want to visit Thimphu, Paro, Punakha and Phobjikha. We'll be flying into Bagdora (India) and from there we'll...

How to start planning my trip to Bhutan?

Posted in Visa & Immigration by Tushar - 5 years ago
Hi, I would like someone to guide me in planning my trip to Bhutan in the month of October. We are a couple from Mumbai. We are planning on entering Bhutan from the south. We want to spend 7 nights in...

How to reach Bhutan from Delhi

Posted in Driving and Transport by Heenal - 5 years ago
How can I reach to Bhutan from Delhi India?

Bhutan Nightlife

Posted in Places & Activites by Krishna Raghu - 5 years ago
We are a group of 5 guys from Mumbai planning to visit Bhutan this October. Besides the beautiful scenery and rich culture, we would like to know what Bhutan has to offer in terms of nightlife and nig...

What are the top attractions in Bhutan for tourists?

Posted in Places & Activites by Vheer - 5 years ago
Which are the popular tourist attractions in Bhutan?

how costly is the food in bhutan

Posted in Food in Bhutan by Jay Vaidya - 5 years ago
How costly is the food in Bhutan ?

Tiger's Nest Hike

Posted in Places & Activites by Shiv - 5 years ago
Hi Should I do the Tiger's Nest Hike? It says it is a two hour hike and says hikers will experience a increase in altitude elevation. I am worried that I might suffer breathing problem or get altitude...

Places I should visit in Bhutan

Posted in Places & Activites by Abhishek kumar - 5 years ago
Hi everyone, I am planning a trip to Bhutan soon and based on my research off the internet, I am currently thinking of visiting Thimphu, Paro, Gangtey, Punakha and Bumthang Can anyone suggest m...

Is it expensive to travel to Bhutan

Posted in Money & Finance by Sahil Bhagat - 5 years ago
I have been told that traveling to Bhutan is not expensive. Is it true? I look forward to learning from here so that i can make my travel plan.

How is winter weather in Bhutan?

Posted in Places & Activites by Neha Mukherjee - 5 years ago
I'm Planing to a trip to Bhutan in Mid-December. How cold is it there? Does the winter weather affect daily activities? how about the heating in the hotels? Are they reliable?

What are the activities that i can engaged in Royal Manas National Park?

Posted in Places & Activites by Nilay Tiwari - 5 years ago
I am interested in visiting Royal Manas National Park. Does anyone have personal experiences visiting this park. and is so, can anyone recommend all the activities i can engaged in?

Budget travel to Bhutan?

Posted in Money & Finance by Rupsa Chakraborty - 5 years ago
I want to visit Bhutan for five days. I am looking to do budget trip and i would love as much as possible to have freedom to be on my own and not on a tour. Is that possible? what are your suggestions...

How to make a road trip a successful one?

Posted in Driving and Transport by Rishabh Banerjee - 5 years ago
I am planning a road trip to Bhutan from India. Can anyone share me relevant information on making this trip success?

Altitude sickness?

Posted in Health & Medicine by Shivam Sameer - 5 years ago
Have people who have traveled to Bhutan experienced altitude sickness while there?

Are tourist allowed to spend days in Monastery for meditation?

Posted in Health & Medicine by Vivek Raj - 5 years ago
I'm planning a tour to Bhutan. I am interested in meditating in these secluded areas. so are tourist allowed to spend a couple of days in monastery?