How is winter weather in Bhutan?

I'm Planing to a trip to Bhutan in Mid-December. How cold is it there? Does the winter weather affect daily activities? how about the heating in the hotels? Are they reliable?
December , January and February are marked as the winter season in Bhutan. The northern and central region of the country gets quite chilly with an average temperature of 6 degree Celsius. The southern region remains warmer and pleasant.

Most hotels are equipped with a basic heating system and the luxury hotels do have advanced central heating system. However most winter days are warmer during the day and is coldest during the night and early morning. Bhutan sees a lot of regional tourist during the Christmas and New year period. As long as there are no heavy snowfall, movement within the country is not affected at all.

Winter in Thimphu and Paro was terribly cold. In the mornings you can see everything covered in frost and the mountain tops in snow. The sheer beauty of the snow covered mountains made me forget the cold. My tour operator had booked me in Phuntsho Pelri hotel, it had good heating in the room, but unless you are gonna stay in your room, you best carry some warm clothes.

Punakha and Wangdi was a little warmer but not by very much. It was mid January when I visited Bhutan.

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