Phuntsholing town links with the Indian plains of West Bengal. The international border gate adorned with Bhutanese architectural aesthetics is a popular landmark. The border town remains the trading hub and a gateway for all imports from India. The regulated free access to cross the border allows people to explore the neighboring Indian town Jaigaon. Phuntsoling town with its proximity to the Bhutan Indian border serves as the Industrial estate.

Getting to Phuntsholing

This point of entry is 176 kilometers away from the capital city Thimphu, which is about 5 hour drive. The town is located approximately 170 kilometers east of the Indian National Airport Bagdogra.


The temperature in Phuntsholing ranges from 9 degree Celsius in winter to 30 degree Celsius in summer.

Phuntsholing Elevation: 293 meters

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