How to start planning my trip to Bhutan?

Hi, I would like someone to guide me in planning my trip to Bhutan in the month of October. We are a couple from Mumbai. We are planning on entering Bhutan from the south. We want to spend 7 nights in Bhutan. We want to visit Paro, Thimphu,Punakha, Chelela pass. Also let me know if visiting this places is possible within 7 days.
If you are planning visit Bhutan via southern border, there are multiple options. The closest Indian airport to the southern border is the Bagdogra airport which is about 5 hours from Bhutan border via road. The closest Indian train station is the Hasimara train station. Bhutan border is only an hour away from this train station.
On my last visit we took a train from Kolkata to Hasimara station. Once reach there, you can get taxi to get to the border. You can easily visit all the places you want to see in 7 days. Make sure you visit chelela when you are in Paro.
Good Luck!
Since you are planning explore Bhutan extensively, I suggest you make sure that you have all the documents required to process the entry permit. Do some research on applying and getting the entry permit. If you dont have the right documents, unnecessary delays can happen and therefore you might not be able to see all the places unless you extend your stay dates. Also the immigration at the border town services are only open during working hours and i believe it is closed on weekends. So plan your trip on reaching the border town accordingly. You do not want to waste your holiday waiting for the immigration office to open. What I do know is that you will need your passport copy, hotel reservations, your proposed itinerary of the holiday and passport photos. So Ensure you have these documetns.
Processing permits and planning your trip can be a hassle. Planning your trip can be much easier if you get in touch with a local travel agent in Bhutan. They help you plan your trip, book your hotel reservation, arrange transportation and also help you process your travel permit in advance. If you would like, they also provide local guide services. You can enjoy exploring Bhutan without any hassle.
Things you will need to do in advance
1. Book hotel rooms in all places you want to visit. For this you will need to confirm your traveling dates
2. Arrange transportation to travel within Bhutan. You can also hire taxi on arrival but you may be charged more
3. Arrange the documents required(passport, hotel reservation document, travelling plans, passport photos)

Decide how to reach the border
1. You can fly to kolkata and take a train to Hasimara train station and take a taxi to border town
2. You can fly to Bagdogra and take a taxi to the border town

Once you reach the border town
1. visit the immigration office and apply for entry permit. You will need this to travel north. If you forget to do this, you will not be allowed to travel north halfway, because police will check for the document and if you dont have it, you will be send back to process the document.

2. Once you reach Thimphu, you will need to process for route permmit to visit punakha. You can do that at the immigration office in thimphu and it will not take very long.

Enjoy your trip
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