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5 Inspiring Books to Read before Travelling to Bhutan

March 27, 2020
The books are not the typical guide books where you will be steered towards things to do or see. These books will introduce you to the real Bhutan, written by people who have experienced Bhutan, not for short visits but have lived here for years and have fallen in love with its people, culture and the simple joys of living. Check out such 20 books and gear up for your adventure.

Bhutan COVID-19 Travel Updates

March 18, 2020
With Bhutan having its first Covid-19 case, the government has put in measures to control its spread, one being a temporary ban on incoming tourists. Follow this page for more updates on this case.

5 Bizarre Cultural Facts in Bhutan

May 16, 2019
Bhutan is known for its unique culture. From eating with their fingers to marrying their own cousin, Bhutan has some of the weirdest customs that are no less than considered bizarre to the outside world. Here is a list of such unbelievable bizarre cultures in Bhutan.

Homestays in Bhutan: The Real Bhutan Experience

February 18, 2019
The best way to explore and get the authentic cultural experience is by opting to stay in one of the farmhouses which offer homestay. So it would actually make sense to choose these farm houses over lifeless hotels. We have compiled a list of the best homestays in Bhutan.

How to travel to Bhutan from the USA

January 9, 2019
While Bhutan often is labeled as the most difficult tourist destination to get to, travel guides like this one strive to help travelers plan and act ahead of time. This guide is entirely dedicated to the Americans who wish to travel Bhutan.

5 Best Cafés in Paro Town

November 21, 2018
Taking a sip of hot coffee by the window observing the Bhutanese way of life is an essential travel experience. Check out our list of such 5 awesome ........