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Bhutan FAM Trip/Discount for Bloggers

October 8, 2018
Bloggers out there, if you have been planning to travel to Bhutan, this is the time! We are offering our tours to Bhutan at discounted/promotional rates for bloggers in exchange for your honest review & opinions about our services/products and Bhutan.

A week in Bhutan: The best 7-day itinerary

September 26, 2018
In this 7-day Bhutan itinerary, we show you how you can spend your time to be able to see the most popular places and attractions and also be able to get a taste of local Bhutanese life, and have that perfect week-long trip to Bhutan.

Celebrities who visited Bhutan & loved it!

August 21, 2018
From the Titanic star Leonardo Dicaprio to the Amazing Spiderman star Andrew Garfield, from Prince William to Mick Jagger, Bhutan has made an impression and the world is recognizing it for all the right reasons.

Nightlife in Thimphu: Clubs, Music & Bars

August 14, 2018
Thimphu offers endless possibilities to engage in during the daytime while the nightlife in Thimphu remains fairly unexplored by tourist. Being the capital city, it has the most vibrant nightlife in Bhutan. Thimphu city nightlife radiates energy and pizzazz, offering a multitude of alternatives to spend a boring night.

7 beers to try in Bhutan

August 6, 2018
From just a few beers until recently, Bhutan now offers a wide variety of choices for the beer lover. We list 7 of the most popular beers in Bhutan. From craft beers to super strong ones, there's something that will quench your thirst while you are in Bhutan.

5 Common Myths about Travelling to Bhutan Debunked

June 22, 2018
When you talk to people about traveling to Bhutan, let me guess! The reactions were: OMG! You must be so rich to be able to travel to Bhutan? , are you sure? It is so hard to get there or maybe even like Bhutan only issues a limited number of visas you have to be super lucky to be able to get one. This article features 5 common myths about traveling to Bhutan which are debunked. This article will help you to clear all the myths and misconceptions about traveling to Bhutan.