Is it expensive to travel to Bhutan

I have been told that traveling to Bhutan is not expensive. Is it true? I look forward to learning from here so that i can make my travel plan.
Most local tour operators offer packages at all level. You could do a ultra luxury tour or a budget tour depending on your preference and budget.

At all popular destinations within Bhutan, there are 5 star accommodation to budget accommodation to choose from. If you are looking for travelling tips to do a budget travel, refer to our travelling tips here
Depends on what is expensive to you. My wife and I were charged about $2,500 by our tour operator when we visited Bhutan in January for 5 nights. I believe you have to pay $200 or $250 per day per person to visit Bhutan, don't know if it applies to everyone though. I think there were also some extra charges based on tour group size and other factors.

Considering it included everything in our tour (hotel, food, car, driver, english speaking guide and some more), I'd say it was well worth it. We are planning to visit again in the near future, but would like to spend more time at other places besides Thimphu, Paro and Punakha.

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