About Us

BookMyTour is a registered travel agency based in Thimphu, Bhutan. We're an enthusiastic bunch, proud to showcase our culture and heritage to the world.

Why BookMyTour?

We're a small team focused on delivering personalised service as per your need, being transparent with our product pricing and communications, and addressing your concerns to ensure you're satisfied with your purchase.

Most people either haven't heard about Bhutan or know very little and unfortunately, interested travelers often fall victim to high prices with inflated commissions and markup charged by overseas agents. Furthermore, it causes unfavorable perceptions about Bhutan as a holiday destination.

The tourism industry is a significant economic sector for Bhutan and its people. It funds our national developmental activities, offers economic opportunities for small communities, and generates employment for our youth.

Our mission is to reach interested travelers and provide accurate travel information so they can buy the right product at the right price. Our website features a comprehensive travel guide and extensive coverage of information on Bhutan including top attractions and experiences in Bhutan to help anyone plan their trip to Bhutan.

Discerning travelers are always looking for an authentic local experience wherever they travel. As a local company, we are positioned to deliver just that.

What we offer

With our extensive knowledge of Bhutan coupled with our expertise in tour management, we offer both pre-designed tour packages and tailor-made travel itineraries for groups and individual travelers as per their preferences and interest.

Throughout your booking process, we offer suggestions and guidance to address any concerns to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the pre-travel planning. Our services also include hotel and flight reservations, arrangement of guide, land transport, and most importantly the visa processing formalities to give you a hassle-free booking experience.

Known for our high service standards and attention to detail, we have helped tourists go back home with great memories of their trip to Bhutan.

In 2017, BookMyTour has been chosen as one of the recipients of the prestigious Loden Foundation & Druk Holding & Investments Entrepreneurship Fund. We have since undertaken a major overhaul of our website and have incorporated services such as real-time online hotel room bookings, secure online payment for tours and hotels, a modern user-friendly dashboard to manage bookings, and a comprehensive list of local destinations and attractions in Bhutan for visitors. This in turn has dramatically increased our online presence.

BookMyTour is certified by the Department of Tourism (formerly known as the Tourism Council of Bhutan) and has been organizing inbound tours to Bhutan since 2012.