Probably the only capital city in the world without traffic lights and an airport of its own, this small city is home to some 100,000 local residents including the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Like any other capital city, it is the political and economic center for the country. The city has a 17th century fortress which houses the Office of His Majesty the King and The House of Parliament stands on the eastern bank of the Thimphu River opposite to the fortress. Thimphu has successfully preserved its culture and tradition despite growing exponentially and rapidly. Any traveler exploring this unique city will have the luxury of modern convenience and witness ancient monument and traditional way of life simultaneously.

Getting to Thimphu

Thimphu is 56 kilometers away from Paro International Airport. It is an hour drive from Paro. For travelers entering the country from southern border town of Phuntsholing, Thimphu is 176 kilometers away. It takes 5 hour drive to reach Thimphu from Phuntsholing.


The temperature in Thimphu ranges from -2.5 degree Celsius in winter to 25 degree Celsius in summer.

Thimphu Elevation

2334 meters

Popular Attractions in Thimphu

An outlet to market and sell products made by farmers from local communities in Bhutan.
From bars, karaoke and night clubs, there are many fun things to do at night in Thimphu.
Voluntary Artists Studio, Thimphu, popularly known as VAST is the citadel for the art lovers. It was first founded by a group of young inquisitive loc...
The museum is a restored 150 years old house furnished with an 18th century interior setting. A walk around the house can give tourists a glimpse of m...

Upcoming Events, Festivals & Activities in Thimphu

Sep 24 - Sep 26

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