Zhemgang which lies in the south-central region of the country is a place that gives a bit of everything. The remote location has helped it to retain Bhutanese antique culture. To engulf in Bhutanese traditional rural lifestyle, Zhemgang is worth visiting.

Getting to Zhemgang

Zhemgang is located at a distance of 110km which takes about 5 hours drive from Trongsa and from Thimphu; Trongsa is at 199km distance which will take about 7 hours drive.


Zhemgang experiences a mildly warm climate. Summers are warm with rain and winters are generally pleasant with little to no rainfall. The average annual temperature in Zhemgang is 16.1 °C.



Popular Attractions in Zhemgang

Panbang is home to the country's largest river basins proving to be one of the best places to seek adventure tours.
Some of the worth visiting heritage villages in Zhemgang include Bjokha Village, Trong heritage village, and Dangkhar heritage village. Excursions i...
The Marang Jungle camp is initiated and managed by the River Guides of Panbang.
The park is home to over 86 different mammals, 365 birds and 900 plant species.

Upcoming Events, Festivals & Activities in Zhemgang

Mar 21 - Mar 23