Bhutan Travel Guide

Read our comprehensive travel guide containing essential tips and information to help you plan your trip to Bhutan and ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and memorable holiday.

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This guide was last updated on May 08, 2024

Bhutan in a nutshell. Read about Bhutan's history, culture, environment, tradition and some quick facts about Bhutan. Brush up on your knowledge about this tiny kingdom.
Things every visitor should know before visiting Bhutan. Learn about the weather in Bhutan, how to book your trip and the minimum daily tariff imposed by the Government.
Some of the most popular things to do and experience while in Bhutan. From river rafting to experiencing rich cultural festivals, Bhutan has a lot to offer for the visitor traveling to Bhutan.
Find out the right time to visit Bhutan based on your interests and budget. Time your travel based on popular festivals in Bhutan and take advantage of lean travel seasons to get discounts on your daily rate.
Learn about Bhutan's tourist visa requirements and formalities, visa application fees and how your visa application process works.
Indian Nationals do not require a tourist visa to visit Bhutan. Indian Nationals are also not subject to the minimum daily spending regulations. However they are required to process entry permits.
You can enter Bhutan either by flying into Paro International Airport or coming by road through one of the three southern towns neighboring India.
Travel cost to Bhutan is straight forward and complicated at the same time. Find out how to budget for your travel to Bhutan.
Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are the only two airlines that operate in and out of Bhutan. They connect Bhutan with Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Singapore and Thailand.
Besides domestic air travel, the only other transportation inside the country is by road. Each town/city is connected by a network of twisty mountain roads going through beautiful landscapes.
We know keeping in touch with loved ones back home while on your tour of Bhutan is going to be important for you. Read this guide to know about the mobile phone operators in Bhutan and see if your phone supports their SIM cards and mobile frequencies.
These small tips and information will come in handy when you are in Bhutan. Do's and dont's, emergency contact numbers, basic local language and etiquettes.
Some quick facts and figures about Bhutan.
If you are a smoker, you need to bring your own stock of cigarettes to Bhutan as there's a ban on sale of tobacco. Goods and products beyond the permissible limit specified in the customs regulation are subject to import tax. Read this guide and avoid any suprises when you get into the country.
Bhutan's currency is the Ngultrum(Nu) with its value pegged at par with the Indian Rupee. Although electronic payment is getting used more and more, cash is still the primary form of monetary transactions in Bhutan.
Festivals are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bhutan and most of them are an annual event. View the list of festival dates and plan your trip accordingly.