Bhutan Tour Cost Calculator

Tourists (except from India, Maldives and Bangladesh) need to pay a minimum daily package rate when visiting Bhutan.

Although the rates are fixed at US$ 250 and US$ 200 for peak and non-peak seasons respectively, there are other surcharges and discounts applicable depending on many factors (tour duration, tour group size, age and type of person, etc).

A one time Visa Fee of US$ 40 is charged for every person in the group.

As per fares prescribed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, discounts are available for the following:

  • Children and students;
  • Tour group size of more than 11 travelers;
  • Tour duration exceeding 8 nights;
  • SDF Free Zone - Entry or exit through Phuntsholing (applicable once for either entry or exit), Gelephu/Samdrup Jongkhar (applicable for both entry and exit)

Use our tour calculator below to find out how much your trip to Bhutan is likely to cost.