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Online permit for Indian travelers to visit Bhutan

Posted in Visa & Immigration by Aayush - 6 years ago
can anyone give me information on how can i process travel permit to visit Bhutan. Can I do it in advance or do i have to process on arrival to Bhutan?

How Can I Get A Flight Itinerary To Show Immigration Officials For A Visa Without Having To Pay For The Flight?

Posted in Visa & Immigration by james sethp - 1 year ago
You can get a flight itinerary to show immigration officials for a visa without having to pay for the flight by using a flight itinerary company or booking a dummy flight. A flight itinerary is us...

Why the Flight Ticket Is Mandatory For Schengen Visa

Posted in Visa & Immigration by james sethp - 1 year ago
The Schengen visa allows you to travel freely within the 26 Schengen Area countries, including most of the European Union member states and a few non-EU countries. This visa allows you to stay in the...

Things to do in Bhutan

Posted in Places & Activites by black did - 1 year ago
Bhutan, known as the "Land of the Thunder Dragon," offers a plethora of cultural and natural wonders to explore. In Bhutan, you can visit the iconic Tiger's Nest Monastery (Paro Taktsang), a sacred si...

Which currency are accepted in Bhutan for foreign exchange?

Posted in Money & Finance by Ayotakkhi Sorkhel - 6 years ago
In Bhutan which currency should i carry for foreign exchange.

Bhutan Tours

Posted in Food in Bhutan by Rehan Javed - 1 year ago
If there is now a online tourist permit facility you should go for it. I had the unfortunate incident of arriving at phuentsholing on a saturday evening only to find the immigration offices were close...

Mobile phone coverage and roaming in Bhutan

Posted in IT & Computers by Anil Kumar - 6 years ago
I am visiting Bhutan soon and want to know if anyone from India used their Airtel roaming facility in Bhutan? Does it work? what were the calling rates? Is it better to get a local sim card instead? T...

Mobile data for traveling in Bhutan

Posted in IT & Computers by James Howell - 6 years ago
I am a businessman who travel a lot and I heard that the roaming fees are extremely high. Are there any possible solution to this matter? Is there any way I can get a cheaper data plan for my Bhutan t...

Do People in Bhutan Speak English ?

Posted in Language-Communication by Rakesh Kumar - 6 years ago
How do we communicate with Bhutan people, as we are not so aware of language they speak. Can we communicate with them in English.

Is tour operator and guide still required to visit Bhutan?

Posted in Visa & Immigration by Toni Romao - 6 years ago
Having read about Bhutan in some recent articles, I am very much interested in visiting this beautiful country. Been reading up about traveling to bhutan and have become quite confused. If I visit, am...

How to travel to Bhutan from Australia? Is there a direct flight from Australia to Bhutan?

Posted in Driving and Transport by Matt - 6 years ago
I am planning to visit Bhutan in summer of 2018. Can anyone share me some information on how to reach Bhutan from Australia and details of flight connections from Australia to Bhutan. Does any well kn...

Bhutan Australian Friendship Offer - Special promotional offer for Australians visiting Bhutan

Posted in Money & Finance by Gary - 6 years ago
Hi my name is Gary. I have read online that the Government of Bhutan is offering a special offer for Australian nationals travelling to Bhutan in 2018. I have been planning to visit Bhutan and did som...

Am I allowed to bring Drones to Bhutan

Posted in Places & Activites by Chris - 6 years ago
I am getting conflicting information regarding drones in Bhutan. Are tourists allowed to bring drones with them to Bhutan. Has anyone had experience taking one to Bhutan? Are there restrictions on fly...

Trip to Bhutan - Minimum Daily Tariff inclusion

Posted in Money & Finance by Daniel - 6 years ago
I am planning to continue my travelling to Bhutan from Nepal but I just found out that travelling to Bhutan is not quite easy. It says that we have a pay a minimum daily tariff * the number of days I...

When to visit Bhutan

Posted in Places & Activites by Sharon - 6 years ago
Just looking for opinions. Should I travel to Bhutan in May or October? It says that the daily tariff includes all meals, does it apply to any and all restaurants and food?