A drive from Bumthang to Mongar has an incredible journey into luscious rhododendron forests with spectacular view of virgin mountains like Gangkhar Puensum at 7541 m and gorgeous valleys. Mongar can be treated as the capital of the eastern Bhutan as it is known to have rapidly developed into a economic hub and an industrious site for the people of the east over a short span of time. It is known for intensive cultivation of maize and lemongrass. The region is also known for producing the richest textiles with intricate patterns which are deemed some of the finest in the country.

Getting to Mongar

Mongar is located at a distance of 183.9 km from Bumthang which takes 6 hours drive. Travelers can fly to Bumthang domestic airport and then drive to Mongar via Bumthang -Ura Highway


Mongar experiences an average temperature of 17.2 °C


400m to 4,000m

Popular Attractions in Mongar

The Dzong stands majestically on a slope overlooking the Mongar town.
The ruins hold great historical significance and its beauty stuns visitors from foreign lands.
The discovery of the Ney dates back to the time of Guru Rinpoche when he meditated in the cave and once completed his meditation the inscriptions were...

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