Festivals, Events & Activities in Bhutan

Bhutan is known for its unique culture and tradition. No matter which time of the year you visit Bhutan, there's always something to see and experience.

From traditional festivals (Tsechu and Dromche) to adventure activities, we have listed them all for you.

Oct 14 - Oct 15 Thimphu
This mountain festival combines one of the most scenic trekking routes in Bhutan with a cultural festival celebrated at the base of the Mount Jomolhari.
Oct 22 - Oct 24 Chukha
The Chukha Ngedrup tse Dzong observes a three- day Tshechu comprising of different masked dances and cultural items as an offering to the Guru Padmasambhava every year.
Oct 23 - Oct 24 Gasa
First started in 2016 to mark the birth celebration of HRH the Gyalsey (Crown Prince), the Royal Highland Festival is a popular festival held in Laya, Gasa (4000 meters a...
Oct 28 - Nov 1 Bumthang
The Jambay Lhakang Drub is a unique religious event in central Bhutan. Attendees will witness the "Tercham" (the naked dance) and the "Mewang" (fire blessing).
Nov 11 Phobjikha Valley
The festival marks the arrival of the black necked cranes to its winter home at Phobjikha valley. The event aims to promote awareness on environmental conservation.
Nov 19 - Nov 22 Mongar
Mongar Dzong holds a three day long Tshechu every year in its courtyard. Devotees from nearby district gather at the courtyard of the Dzong to witness the masked dances w...
Nov 20 - Nov 23 Trashigang
Trashigang Dzong embraces an annual festival which is considered one of the major events for eastern Bhutan. The festival manages to grasp a lot of attention and onlooker...
Dec 20 - Dec 22 Lhuntse
Lhuentse Tshechu or religious festival comprises of various masked dances and traditional cultural dances. The Tshechu is conducted for 5 days annually at the courtyard o...
Dec 20 - Dec 22 Trongsa
Trongsa choekor Rabtse Dzong observes an annual three-day Tshechu in the courtyard of the Dzong. Assortments of masked dances are performed by the monks and traditional f...
Feb 16 - Feb 18 Punakha
The Drubchen is an annual winter festival held at the beautiful Punakha Dzong in Punakha valley.
Mar 17 - Mar 19 Zhemgang
Der-Choed festival is a three day festival that is observed in the Trong village.
Mar 20 - Mar 24 Paro
The Paro Tsechu is held at the courtyard of Paro dzong in Thimphu city. Join the locals for an immersive cultural experience. Watch the district monks put on a show to re...
Mar 25 Trashiyangtse
Chorten Kora or circumambulation around Chorten Kora temple is festival held in Trashiyangtse every year during the first auspicious month of the Bhutanese calendar for f...