Festivals, Events & Activities in Bhutan

Bhutan is known for its unique culture and tradition. No matter which time of the year you visit Bhutan, there's always something to see and experience.

From traditional festivals (Tsechu and Dromche) to adventure activities, we have listed them all for you.

Mar 5 Zhemgang
Lichibi festival also spelled as Litchibi is a one day religious festival. This festival is observed in Goshing valley in Zhemgang.
Mar 6 Punakha
An annual international marathon event organized by Bhutan Olympic Committee.
Mar 21 - Mar 24 Paro
Paro Tshechu starts on the 10th day of the second lunar month. The flawlessly executed sacred event is the culmination of the dedication and years of hard work the monks...
Mar 21 - Mar 23 Zhemgang
Der-Choed festival is a three day festival that is observed in the Trong village.
Mar 28 - Apr 11 Trashiyangtse
Chorten Kora or circumambulation around Chorten Kora temple is festival held in Trashiyangtse every year during the first auspicious month of the Bhutanese calendar for f...
Apr 16 - Apr 18 Punakha
Rhododendron festival is an exhilarating event that marks the spring season with full bloom flowers and lush green forest in Bhutan. Much alike to the Cherry blossom fest...