Situated in central Bhutan is Trongsa, home to the magnificent Trongsa Dzong and the Ta Dzong (watch tower) which houses the museum popular with tourists. Most hotels and restaurants are in the middle of the town, with the Dzong and the museum located within a short walk.

Getting to Trongsa

Trongsa is located at 68 km from Bumthang which takes about 3 hours drive. Travelers can fly to Bumthang from Paro and then drive to Trongs.


Trongsa experiences an average temperature of 16°C.


2,170 m

Popular Attractions in Trongsa

The chorten architectural style resembles the Bodhanath stupa in Nepal.
The Ta Dzong was built in 1652 by first Governor of Trongsa.
The monarchy institution in Bhutan observes a tradition where the Kings serve as the Trongsa Governor prior to ascending to the throne.

Popular Hotels & Accommodations in Trongsa