Tiger's Nest Hike

Hi Should I do the Tiger's Nest Hike? It says it is a two hour hike and says hikers will experience a increase in altitude elevation. I am worried that I might suffer breathing problem or get altitude sickness.

If you already have a medical history, then I would suggest that you talk to your Doctor before you attempt this hike. But if you are just anxious then you should not be worried. On my last visit, I have seen elderly people and young children successfully complete the hike.

Incase walking uphill is a challenge for you, for your information they also have horse riding services.
Bhutan is known from the Tiger's Nest. It is probably the most attractive sight seeing activity you can engage in Bhutan. You cannot miss this at all. You should go for it.
The hike was difficult at certain points. It took us almost 3 hours to get to the tigers nest. But it was worth it. The view was simply beautiful from the top.
You should not miss this.
Hi Shiv,

The Tiger's nest has become an icon for Bhutan and is considered a must visit attraction. People around the world visit Bhutan just for this hike. In case you do visit Bhutan, you should consider doing this hike. The whole experience of climbing up the hill through the forest and the serene experience once you reach the Tiger's nest is just priceless.

There has not been much incidence of altitude sickness while doing this hike. People from different age group has completed this hike successfully. However if you have any medical conditions, you probably should not take the risk. There are so many other mild hike you could engage in while in Bhutan.

We wish you a memorable trip to Bhutan.

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