Winter in Bhutan

I am planning a trip to Bhutan in late January. How cold is Bhutan in winter? Does it affect daily activities? Is it a good idea to visit Bhutan at that time of the year?
Hi David,

Unless it snows heavily while your stay in Bhutan which is very rare, winter weather in Bhutan is quite pleasant for sightseeing. The clear blue sky and warm day gives you an amazing view of the Himalayas. Early morning and nights are generally colder but most hotels are equipped with good heating system.
Hello David,
I visited Bhutan last winter(February). I was also quite concerned with the weather and whether the climatic conditions would ruin my travel plans. I was pleasantly surprised with the warm beautiful weather. All the hotels we were put up at had good heating system but I do recommend that you pack in all your warm clothes, you' re gonna need it if you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing.

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