Located in the eastern most part of Bhutan, Tashiyangtse is rarely touched by modernization. Some of greatest architectural creation such as Gomphu kora and Chorten kora rests here. It also serves as major wintering site for the endangered Black Naked Cranes.

A tourist destination well off the beaten path makes a visit to Trashiyangtse extremely special. Travelers can expect the place almost to themselves without the tourist crowds that one might encounter at other popular sites and tshechus. At a time when tourist numbers are increasing around the world and in Bhutan, such secluded oases are warmly welcomed by travelers who want a unique and authentic experience.

Getting to Trashiyangtse

Trashigang is located south side to Trashiyangtse. Travllers can fly to Trashigang Yongphula domestic airport from Paro International Airport which takes approximately about 1 hour and then drive to Trashiyangtse located at 65.1 km Trashigang which takes about 2 h 30 min.


Trashiyangtse experiences an average temperature of 22°C.



Popular Attractions in Trashiyangtse

Located in Tashi Yangtse District, the monument is believed to be a replica of the Boudhanath temple of Nepal.
Like Phobjikha Valley, Bumdeling is also identified as an important bird area as it is the wintering site for the black-necked cranes.