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We are a group of 5 guys from Mumbai planning to visit Bhutan this October. Besides the beautiful scenery and rich culture, we would like to know what Bhutan has to offer in terms of nightlife and night activities? How's the party/pub scene up there? Are there restrictions or curfew after a certain time? I know sale of cigarettes is banned although we can bring in some quantity for personal consumption after paying taxes. Can anyone tell me the exact process of bringing in cigarettes and paying taxes. We rather not have some problem screw up our vacation.

The country's law prohibits the sale of tobacco and smoking in public places. However regulation allows an individual to carry cigarettes for personal consumption. You will need to declare your cigarettes to the authority and pay the import duty at your port of entry.
The nnumber of cigarettes allowed is regulated as well.
You are allowed to carry up to 8000 cigarettes and have to pay 200% import duty.
For your own safety, always ensure to ask locals the designated areas to smoke. Most sightseeing attractions are holy places and smoking in the vicinity will be perceived as disrespecting the culture and locals may get offended.

Police are very strict with the offenders.
Hi Krishna,

If your stay dates fall over the weekends, then thimphu in particular has a very vibrant night life. We went for clubbing at Viva City. There was a huge crowd. There was live performance, DJ music, friendly bar tenders and street food stalls. The locals were very welcoming and we had a blast. The club was not very expensive, there was a cover charge and you had to buy drinks separately.
ALl in all, a fun night.
Locals have this tradition where they first go to a pub, where they catch up with friends and get drunk and then they all head to the club. Our guide was kind enough to give us that experience of partying like the locals. We first went to Mojo Park, it was a great pub. There were local bands performing, we had a few drinks, enjoy the music. While at the pub, we made some friends with the locals and we decided to tag along with these great people and went clubbing together.

it was an awesome experience.
The regulation allows 200 cigarettes; 30 pieces of cigars or 150 gram of other tobacco, on payment of import duty of 100% sales tax for personal consumption.
I was amazed with the hospitality of some bhutanese individual. i was at a nigh club when i met a group of guys. They were so welcoming and approached me and we had some drinks togather. After that the guys took me to a bar located some where in upper thimphu. The bar was so cozy and fun. Talking to me those guys mentioned that its their regular schedule of partying after night clubs are closed
I visited Bhutan several months ago. The night life out there is awesome. The club called viva city organize Bollywood night and i felt like i was in my own home town. About the cigarettes, i saw many people smoking everywhere so it seems its available.

I would like to visit again in future.
Yes its true that most people smoke openly especially during the night outside of the club and also the club has a designated smoking area. But the regulation still says that you are not allowed to smoke in the public area. So better safe than sorry.
Nightlife is safe. The locals are friendly. Mojo park was fun and located in the middle of the town. We found out that there were many clubs but we went to Vivacity, very near to Mojo park. They also have Drayangs, where people dance and you can request songs. Most of the songs were Bhutanese but they also played some item numbers as requests.

Paro had a few clubs too but coffee shops remain open till late evening as well. Lately, we were told not to smoke in public to avoid problems.

Local whiskey and beer is good. Dragon frost was recently launched and we tried it. K5 whiskey was as good as Johnie Walker drinks. Enjoy everyone, hope this helps.

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