Online permit for Indian travelers to visit Bhutan

can anyone give me information on how can i process travel permit to visit Bhutan. Can I do it in advance or do i have to process on arrival to Bhutan?
If you are entering bhutan by road. You will need to reach the border town in the south of bhutan> the town is called Phuntsoling. Once reach there, you have to go to the immigration office in phuntsoling and apply for entry permit.

You will need to fill up a form and submit supporting documents such as your passport, hotel booking confirmation, travel plans, and 2 passport photographs also.

The permit process takes about 3 to 4 hours.
Hi Aayush,

I flew into Bhutan. The airport is in a place called Paro. beautiful place and is only an hour away from the capital.The advantage of flying in is that you get the entry permit on arrival at immigration desk at the airport with no hassle at all.
A local travel agent can assist you apply for permits online. You will get your permit in advance. However a travel agent will only assist you apply for permits if you buy their travel package services. Some may just charge you a processing fee. Get in touch with the local agents.
We booked our travel package to Bhutan from a local travel agent. Our permits were processed online prior to our entry into Bhutan. Processing permit online is better because you do not have to wait to apply for permit at the border town. The lines are usually very long and it takes a very long time to process your permit. And if you happen to arrive on a weekend, the immigration office remain closed and will have to wait until Monday.

Online processing is much convenient. All you have to do is submit your passport, hotel booking confirmation, and yes you will need to hire a local guide if you want to process your permit online. the local agent said that they need input guide details as well to process the permit online.
Hi Aayush,

You will need to process 2 permits

1. Entry permit - to enter into Bhutan. Entry permits are issued at the airport in Paro or the immigration office in Phuntsoling. Entry permit at paro is issued on arrival however if you are travelling by road, you will need to apply for permits which may take a while to process.

2. Route Permit- once you reach Thimphu, you will again need to apply for route permit to visit places other than Paro, THimphu and Phuntsholing. You can process this permit at the immigration office in thimphu.
If there is now a online tourist permit facility you should go for it. I had the unfortunate incident of arriving at phuentsholing on a saturday evening only to find the immigration offices were closed on weekends. So had to the spend the whole day there and visit the office on monday morning. The line was huge.. ended up spending 3 hours just in the line. So, better get the online permit if its available.
Can someone share the link for online permits for entry to Punakha by road..Thanks in Advance
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