Mobile phone coverage and roaming in Bhutan

I am visiting Bhutan soon and want to know if anyone from India used their Airtel roaming facility in Bhutan? Does it work? what were the calling rates? Is it better to get a local sim card instead? Thanks in advance.
HI Anil,
I am not very sure if the roaming facility works but I actually used a local SIM. Local SIMs are easily available, easy to buy and cheap. It only costs Ngultrum 100 per sim card. Service providers also offer great talk time and data packages for tourist.
I recently visited Bhutan and availed a local sim. They offer 3G and 4G SIM at Nu. 100 per sim card. The SIM is card valid for a month. They offer Nu. 100 worth talk time when you buy the SIM card. So essentially your getting the SIM card for free. You do have to give them your passport copy

Incase you're wondering the international calling charges, they charge Nu. 4 per minute. You should reconfirm though.
Although I could get roaming on my Airtel sim, it was prohibitively expensive. Its better to get a local sim card for Nu. 100 and you get talk time of 100. Calls to India were Nu. 5 per minute and same for SMS. You can get one at Phuentsholing bhutan telecom office by submitting a copy of voter card or passport.

The only problem for me was 3G/4G, although both B-mobile (state run Bhutan Telecom) and Tashicell had 3g/4g, my phone could not use it due to the different frequencies they use in Bhutan. They seem to run 850Mhz for 3G (both providers) and 1800Mhz(b-mobile) and 700Mhz(tashicell) for 4G. So make sure your phone supports those frequencies. Hope that helps and have a happy trip! I am planning to go next year too with my family.
Thanks guys! Looks like I will just get a local sim card as mentioned. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and I think it supports the frequencies of both providers in Bhutan. By the way how expensive is the data rate? and also the coverage. I'll be visiting Phuntsholing, Thimphu, Paro and Punakha. Although its a holiday, I would need to check on emails and do some light work which needs a stable internet connection. Heard most hotels provide Wifi only in their lobbies and some non at all.
Guys, unless your roaming prices are cheap or free get a prepaid temporary sim card either from bhutan telecom or tashi cell.

You get 1 month of validity and costs Nu. 100 for bhutan telecom and Nu. 200 for tashi cell. In terms of coverage as long as you are within city limits both have good coverage.
Hi, anyone from Australia used roaming in Bhutan on their Optus iphone 6s? or do the bhutan mobile sim cards work on the phone for voice and data?
Airtel Roaming is working in Bhutan. For more information
you may contact or visit their Airtel Customer Care. Hope
it helps.

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