How to travel to Bhutan from Australia? Is there a direct flight from Australia to Bhutan?

I am planning to visit Bhutan in summer of 2018. Can anyone share me some information on how to reach Bhutan from Australia and details of flight connections from Australia to Bhutan. Does any well known airlines operate to Bhutan?
Hi Matt,

No international airlines operate to Bhutan. You will have to travel with the local airline. Bhutan has two airline companies operating inbound/outbound flight. Its national airline Druk Air operates an inbound flight to Paro International Airport from Bangkok Thailand, Singapore, Kathmandu Nepal, Dhaka Bangladesh and India(Kolkatta, New Delhi).

You will need to catch a flight from one of these cities on either airlines. So it goes without saying that first you will need to travel to one of these cities from Australia. You should also consider which city to transit from because the frequency of inbound flights operated from these cities varies. For instance, local airlines have scheduled daily flights from Bangkok to Paro while they only have 3 flights per week operating from Singapore to Paro.

Hope this helps!
All tourists travelling to Bhutan must book their travel with a local tour operator. The tour operator will arrange all your logistics including your travel visa and flight to Bhutan.
To answer your question, there is no direct flight from Australia to Bhutan. While there are many cities from where you may catch a flight to Bhutan, the ideal flight path maybe to fly to Singapore or Bangkok and take a transit flight to Bhutan with the Bhutanese airline.
Matt there are many ticketing agencies in Bhutan that cater their service for both domestic and international airlines. If arranging your flight is a challenge, availing their service might be the right thing for you. Obviously there will be service fees involved but it makes your life much easier.
Hi. I found out from the discussion threads above that we must fly with a local airline to reach Bhutan. While I can arrange my flight from Australia to any of the transit city(most preferable would be Bangkok), I am not so sure as to how to go about booking a flight ticket with a local airline. Is there an online portal where i can book and make payment online?
Oliver Bangkok would be the most ideal transit as there are daily inbound flights from BKK to Paro Bhutan. There are only two airlines operating in and out of Bhutan. Druk Air the national airline and Bhutan Airline. Tickets can be purchased online from their website. Visit and

However I do advise you to get in touch with a local tour operator first and arrange all your travelling plans in discussion with the service provider.
Do Australians require a visa to visit Bhutan? Can anyone also tell me how to apply for a visa to visit Bhutan?
George with the exceptions of Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian nationals, all tourists visiting Bhutan must have a tourist visa. Because of the tourism regulation of Bhutan, all tourists must book their travel through a local tour operator. Your visa will also be processes by the tour operator. You will need to fill up a visa application form along with supporting documents such as passport with a minimum of 6 months validity and send it to the tour operator. There is a one time visa processing fee of US$ 40 per person levied by the Government.
Please note that your visa will only be approved by the council once you have made 100% tour payment.

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