Do People in Bhutan Speak English ?

How do we communicate with Bhutan people, as we are not so aware of language they speak. Can we communicate with them in English.
Hi Rakesh,

Most people can speak English and also understand Hindi. So if you ever get stuck and need help while exploring Bhutan, Please do not hesitate to reach out to locals.
From our experience, the locals seem to understand Hindi very well, from shopkeepers to taxi drivers. We have noticed that a lot of the people in Bhutan seem to be fan of bollywood movies and know most of the celebrities. Almost all young people can understand and speak english very well. As long as you can converse in Hindi/English you should not have any problems communicating with the locals.
My tour guide spoke perfect english and the driver seem to understand as well. Younger people and children seem to speak and understand english very well too, not so much for people in the country side. But if you have a guide there shouldn't be any problem communicating with people. In any case it was better than other asian countries like Thailand, Japan where most people barely understood english, believe its because kids are taught in english in schools.

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