Attractions in Paro

If you are planning on visiting Paro, we have compiled a list of must see attractions and things that you can do and see in Paro.

The most popular monastery in Bhutan is located at an hours drive from Paro town. One has to hike 3 hours to get to it.
Located in Paro and one of the 108 temples built in one day by a Tibetan King.
Drukgyel Dzong, one of the oldest dzongs in Bhutan is located half an hour from Paro town.
Paro Rinpung Dzong houses the central monk body and the office of the Paro district administration.
Originally built as a watch tower above the Paro Rinpung Dzong, it is now a national museum housing many antique and precious objects.
Located on the other side of the river of the Thimphu - Paro highway, one needs to cross an iron chain suspension bridge to get to the Lhakhang.
Known as the gateway to Bhutan, Paro town is home to the only international airport in Bhutan.
Dungtse Lhakhang is said to have been built to subdue an ogress and bless the community.
Located at 3988m and separating Paro and Haa valley, Chelala pass is the highest motor able pass in Bhutan.
A 500m (elevation gain) short hike through the Chelala ridge, that separates Paro and Haa valley.
Starting at 2800m and ascending to 4000m, Bumdra trek is a short trek through a very beautiful trail.
The site of the floating statue of Dorji Phamo is located an hours drive from Paro town.
Perched on a cliff-side on the western side of Paro valley at approximately 20 minutes drive from Paro International Airport is the Dzongdrakha Monast...