Paro Town


Known as the gateway to Bhutan, Paro town is home to the only international airport in Bhutan.

Beautifully painted two storied traditional houses lined on either side along the 100 meter main street was the entirety of Paro town until the recent years. Since then the town has grown laterally with modern structures over the years but the oldest street with western inspired renovated storefronts preserving the traditional aspects of the architecture still remains the charm of Paro town. The street has series of handicraft shops and cafes serving decent coffee and international cuisine.

A leisure walk along the main street of Paro town can be a unique experience. Without the busy schedule of the tour itinerary, travelers can either choose to step inside a café and just gaze through the window to absorb the Bhutanese way of life while sipping a hot cup of coffee or they could explore the handicraft shops which have a collection of antiques and contemporary hand crafted products.