Chelela Ridge Hike


A 500m (elevation gain) short hike through the Chelala ridge, that separates Paro and Haa valley.

This short hike along the mountain ridge presents a thrilling experience. The ridge divides Haa and Paro valley. Hikers will start their climb from the Chelela Pass at 3988 meters and peak at the sky burial spot with an increased elevation of 500 meters. Through the course of the hike, hikers will come across exotic flowers including the Himalayan Blue poppies (the national flower of Bhutan). Once at the sky burial spot, hikers can choose to decent down to the Kila Gompa nunnery and complete the loop or return to the Pass. The weather and visibility can turn for better or worse at any moment complemented by the stiff wind presents an adventure for the thrill seekers. Hikers will need to bring warm clothes and some snacks and water for this trip.