Paro Rinpung Dzong


Paro Rinpung Dzong houses the central monk body and the office of the Paro district administration.

A 1644 built fort serves as the office of the Paro District’s administration. It also houses the central monk body for Paro district. The popular Paro Mask Dance Festival is organized in the Dzong courtyard. The Dzong has one of the oldest gigantic scrolls painting which is unfurled for public display during the annual Paro Mask Dance Festival.

The Dzong is characterized by a five storied central tower (Utse) and open courtyard guarded by high rising walls. The walls have built in windows with ostentatious traditional woodwork and the customary white and red strip paint job. The Utse houses the shrine of the guardian deities and temples dedicated to the Drukpa Kagyupa (state religion) Lamas.