Tigers Nest Hike


The most popular monastery in Bhutan is located at an hours drive from Paro town. One has to hike 3 hours to get to it.

Taktsang which translate to The Tiger’s Nest is a Buddhist monastery in Paro valley. According to the legend, Buddhist saint Guru Rinpoche flew to the current monastery site riding atop a tigress in the 7th century. There he is said to have meditated in a cave for three years, 3 months and 3 days to subdue evil forces and bless the place. Guru Rinpoche is credited for introducing and spreading of the Buddhism dogma across the country and hence Taktsang is revered as one of the most sacred Buddhist site in the country.
Today it has become the most visited site by tourists. Approached by a two hour hike through the pine forest, the majestic architecture perched on a cliff 900 meters above Paro valley greets the hikers. Once at the top, tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of the valley below.