Chumphu Nye


The site of the floating statue of Dorji Phamo is located an hours drive from Paro town.

Chumphu ney is located in Paro, an hour drive from the capital city. The sacred site is popularly known for the floating statue of Dorji Phamo (Vajravarahi). This statue is inexplicably floating in the air which the visitors can witness upon reaching the monastery. Legend has it that when the statue was discovered from the lake, the statue was only about a foot tall. It is said that the statue magically grew to the present height and was placed in the Lhakang as the main statue. The lake from where the statue was discovered is above the monastery.

The most enchanting thing about the statue is that it is not a man-made statue but Dorji Phamo herself who turned into this statue. It is believed that prayers and wishes made to the statue are bound to come true.

Hike to this Monastery is not an arduous one; in fact, the trail runs through a forest with tall trees and lush green environment providing the hikers with shade and a relaxed ambiance. The hikers can enjoy the cool breeze and the sound of gushing rivers.

Hikers can also visit the lake which is located at ten minutes walk above the monastery. The lake is carved into the rocks by a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is said to be the bathing place of Guru Rimpoche. An enormous rock opening can be witnessed which is believed to be the opening gates to Heaven.