Celebrities who visited Bhutan & loved it!

Celebrities and famous people who visited Bhutan
Celebrities and famous people who visited Bhutan

Bhutan’s long association with peace and tranquility and the perfect blend of culture and nature has made it a highly regarded eco-tourism destination among discerning travelers around the world. It has managed to intrigue all sorts of travelers to experience this unique spiritual character that this tiny quaint nation radiates. It has time and again proved that tranquility and serenity is a fundamental experience.  The country does not invest in celebrity starred holiday commercials but rather has managed to draw attention from some of the most renowned Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. From the Titanic star Leonardo Dicaprio to the Amazing Spiderman star Andrew Garfield, from Prince William to Mick Jagger, Bhutan has made an impression and the world is recognizing it for all the right reasons.

These stars traveled to Bhutan due to various reasons, some simply for holidaying in the mountains and some for work. Check out some of the most influential individuals who visited Bhutan and loved it.

Keanu Reeves

A young Keanu Reeves in Bhutan

Keanu Reeves traveled to Bhutan for his movie "Little Buddha” where he plays the role of Siddhartha. The movie was mostly shot in Bhutan and he claims the experience to be a joyful one.  The Matrix star went on record and said “I’m showing up in Bhutan a few weeks early to kind of get my Siddhartha on and spend some time and walk around in the woods and do some thinking and some reading and some sitting. I mean, those are the moments of a lifetime”. And Bhutan did not disappoint.

Cameron Diaz & Eva Mendes

Hollywood actresses Eva Mendes and Cameron Diaz wearing the Kira, Bhutan's national dress for women

Hollywood’s famous actresses; Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes visited Bhutan for their show on MTV called Trippi'. They visited the Phobjikha valley where they got to witness the endangered birds; the black-necked cranes and were fascinated by how the locals sacrificed their basic necessities like electricity so that these birds don’t get electrocuted by the wires. Cameron Diaz says that Bhutan must be the only country in the world where the numbers of trees are rather increasing.  She also expresses her admiration over of how the Bhutanese have carefully opened their doors to the outside world and yet how it managed to live in harmony with the world around itself.

Jet Li

Hollywood action star Jet Li at Paro Taktshang

The famous Hollywood and Chinese action star, Jet Li visited Bhutan in 2017. His social media accounts got flooded with amazing pictures from his time in Bhutan and he states that he had a really nice time. The star trekked to two most sacred monasteries in Paro; Taktshang and Dra Karpo. He said that he visited these two sites to find the significance of life and maybe also to discover his own potential.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Hollywood actor Leonardo in Bhutan with a Bhutanese fan

The Titanic star Leonardo Dicaprio visited Bhutan in 2010 as a part of a global campaign to increase the population of tigers worldwide. The star believes in nature conservation and also has a foundation called the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation which collaborates with WWF to protect and conserve the natural environment and especially Tigers.

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield

The amazing spiderman stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield at the Paro Airport with a fan

The then on-screen and off-screen couple of the Amazing Spiderman stars visited Bhutan for a quiet holiday in the mountains. They were spotted taking pictures with fans at the Paro Airport and were seen having a good time in the country.

Amir Khan

Amir Khan holding a fan's baby in Bhutan

The famous Bollywood actor/director visited Bhutan in 2016 as the UNICEF goodwill ambassador for Nutrition in South Asia and was in the country for two days.  Not only did he address issues related to children’s health and particularly the issues around the state of nutrition and stunting in children but also reflected on the importance of 1000 golden days for babies. He also participated in some outdoors fun like trying his hand at throwing darts with the locals while in the country.

Demi Moore

Actress Demi Moore in a Bhutanese traditional dress in Bhutan

The beautiful and talented Hollywood actress Demi Moore traveled to Bhutan to experience trekking for the first time in her life. The idea was shared with her by her friend and after which she made up her mind to travel to the Buddhist country. She had stated that she is not a Buddhist herself but that a lot of her beliefs and outlook towards life are more alike Buddhist Philosophies.

Prince William & Kate Middleton

Their Highness Prince William and Kate at Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan

Their Royal Highness the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge; Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Bhutan in 2016. Their tour included hiking to the legendary monastery known as the Tiger’s nest and also tried their hands at playing Bhutan’s national game; archery.

Drew Barrymore

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore with a fan in Bhutan

The Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore visited Bhutan and she visited numerous monasteries and she also went on record and said that Bhutanese culture is so beautiful and its people are so kind.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger in Bhutan

The English singer-songwriter, musician, composer, and actor who gained fame as the lead singer and one of the founder members of the Rolling Stones; Mick Jagger visited Bhutan in the 90s though the exact year and his reasons to visit remains quite uncertain. This picture of the star wearing a Bhutanese National dress for men called Gho and him striking that pose is really adorable.

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