Nightlife in Thimphu: Clubs, Music & Bars

Nightlife in Thimphu, Bhutan

Thimphu offers endless possibilities to engage in during the daytime while the nightlife in Thimphu remains fairly unexplored by tourist. Being the capital city, it has the most vibrant nightlife in Bhutan. Thimphu city nightlife radiates energy and pizzazz, offering a multitude of alternatives to spend a boring night. If you are traveling to Thimphu and spending a night there, do not let it go to waste and entertain yourself with some exciting activities like cheering in a local pub for local bands performing or even dancing the night away in one of the liveliest dance clubs in town. For the ones who like to spend the night in a traditional style can also visit the local Drayangs. Most of these places come to life around 9 pm and the fun goes till 1 pm which is when they usually close, so if you are planning to go, be mindful of the timings.  To get you started, we have put together a list of the most happening pubs, bars, and clubs in Thimphu which will give you an idea of what to expect and how to spend your night in Thimphu.

1. Mojo Park (Music/Pub)

Celebrity guitarist Neil Zaza at Mojo Park

Mojo Park is one of the best places to hang out in Thimphu, located on Chang Lam; the place comes to life around 9 pm with locals, expats and tourist swarming the place. Local bands perform awesome live music to go with the chilled beers and cocktails along with the occasional guest performances by bands from outside. They sometimes also feature celebrity guests from the neighboring countries.  The ambience is really relaxed and they serve craft beers straight off the tap, they also serve cocktails and their mojito is the best in town. Ditch your soulless hotel rooms and get your MOJO on to drink away the night while mingling with the crowd at the Mojo Park.

2. Vivacity (Nightclub)

Just as the name suggests this place is one of the liveliest nightclubs in Thimphu. Located at the vicinity of the city bus parking on Chang Lam, this club has the best collection of songs to groove to and they hire some local DJs and sometimes also invite professionals from outside the country to offer the best experience to the club goers. The techno ambient of the club invites even the least dance enthusiasts to boogie their night away. Their well-furnished lounging area offers a great deal of comfort for those who just want to drink and relax. They can also choose to loosen up while enjoying the live performances by local artists during some weekends.

3. Kalapingka Drayang (Music/Bar)

An Indian tourist dancing on stage with a dancer at Kalapingka Drayang

Drayangs are basically bars with entertaining live dance and singing performances. The décor of such bars are very traditional and also the performers perform Bhutanese songs in traditional dresses. One can order drinks and relax on the comfortable couches which are facing the brightly lit stage and enjoy the show. You will inevitably be approached by the girls working in the Drayang asking if you have any special requests for songs and if you request a song which will most probably cost around $5 which is Nu. 300 and your requested song will be performed. If you don’t have your own requests you can still enjoy the requests made by others. Despite its small size, Kalapingka Drayang is the largest in Thimphu city and the best place to experience a Bhutanese nightlife contrary to the western style of night entertainment.

4. Space 34 DOS (Nightclub)

Comfortable lounging area at Space34

Space 34 Dos is a nightclub on Chang Lam and probably the most popular among locals, expats, and tourists. They play some great party anthems, Bollywood numbers, and some awesome music to dance to. Their spacious dance arena is always filled with young energetic souls dancing to the beats and the rhythms of the songs while the older lots relax and drink over conversations in their lounging area. The place is well furnished and very spacious. If you are in town and want to spend your night dancing to awesome tunes, Space 34 is the place to go to.

5. Jimmy’s Pub

Jimmy’s pub is located along Gongdzin Lam, just next to the 8-11 supermarket. With a spacious lounging area and well-furnished bar, the pub caters amazing live music and a relaxed ambiance, making it a perfect place to unwind a day. They also serve traditionally brewed alcohols. If you are looking for a place to hang-out and relax, Jimmy’s pub is the place to go.

6. Tiger Pub (Karaoke/Bar)

Located on the Norzin Lam opposite the luxury Hotel Taj Tashi, this place is referred to as the king of karaoke and rightfully so because it is one of the oldest pubs with karaoke in Thimphu. The place is well furnished and is installed with a good quality sound system which amplifies the experience. The pub also offers the choice of a private karaoke room where you can book a room for an hour or so, and sing all you want. They have some really good collection of English, Bollywood and Dzongkha songs to choose from. If you are looking for a place to hang out while singing along the lyrics to your favorite songs, then Tiger Pub is the place to go.



  • Tshering D (1 year ago)
    You forgot to add Thimphu club. I prefer it to the other drayangs. You dont get pestered for song requests and the space is big and clean and found the crowd to be better.
  • Amanda (1 year ago)
    Was in Bhutan two months back. Had a great time at Mojo park, met and interacted with a lot of young local people and was great to listen to what they had to say about their country and things in general. A must visit for someone who wants to spend a nice evening with a beer and mingle in with the local crowd.
  • Cring Packer (1 year ago)
    Bhutan is one of the beautiful country i have visited. Thanks for sharing information.
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