Snowman Run-The world’s Toughest Ultra-marathon


Bhutan will be hosting the worlds’ toughest and the most challenging run on October 13, 2020. The one of a kind race follows the trail of the infamous Snowman Trek, acknowledged as one of the toughest treks around the world which is scheduled to be completed over a period of almost a month.  The run is being initiated to help raise awareness of the impacts of climate change. It challenges some of the strongest, audacious, and daring athletes to take part in the once in a lifetime experience. The marathon trail takes the runners across breathtaking, pristine, and untouched landscapes mostly in the northern part of the country.  The run is to kick off from Gasa and is expected to cover over 300 kilometers in about 5 days or less, taking them above altitudes of 5,320 meters and will finally conclude in the magical Bumthang valley.

Snowman Run Bhutan Route Map

Trial Runs So Far

So far two rounds of the trial run were completed with the help of RBA (Royal Bhutan Army) in the years 2017 and 2018. The first trial run was conducted on October 14 to 19 from Sephu- Gasa in 2017. Jan Gisle from Finland and Dorji Tshewang from Bhutan have completed the run in four days whereas Liro Kakko from Finland took six days. The second trial run was conducted from October 19 to 27, 2018; Christian Gamsjaeger from Austria, Liro Kakko, and Jan Gisle from Finland, Dorji Tshewang, Wangyel, and Choda from Bhutan took part in the second trial run from Gasa to Dhur village.

Snowman Run 2020 list of Participants

To this point, there have been 22 international entrants for the world’s Toughest Ultra-marathon from all over the world:

  1. Magdalena Boulet – International Athlete, Oakland, California, USA
  2. Kris Brown- International Athlete, Restaurant Owner, Santa Barbara, California, USA
  3. Jared Campbell- International Athlete, Engineer, Park City, Utah, USA
  4. Stephanie Case – International Athlete, Ontario, Canada/ Chamonix, France
  5. Avery Collins- International Athlete, Professional outdoor Athlete, Silverton, Colorado, USA
  6. Matthew Chapman- International Athlete, Founding Partner/International Engagement Director of Snowman Race, Entrepreneur, Chairman & Founder of Chapman CG
  7. Helene Dumais- International Athlete, Coach, Speaker, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  8. Meghan Hicks- International Athlete, Managing Editor of and Mountain Athlete, Moab, Utah/Silverton, Colorado, USA
  9. Wataru Iino: International Athlete, Mechanical Engineer, Tokyo, Japan
  10. Kah Shin Leow- International Athlete/Founding Partner/Managing Director, Quantedge Capital, Singapore
  11. Matthias Kastner- International Athlete, Basel City, Switzerland
  12. David Mendelsohn- International Athlete/ Founding Partner, Managing Partner, Jingzhu International Garments Co. LTD (China) Founding Member on Sustainability, Renewable Director of Snowman Race, Sydney, Australia/ Bangkok, Thailand
  13. Ian Morgan- International Athlete, Former Business-man turned ultra running nomad. Originally from New Zealand, Currently residing in Chile
  14. Philipp Mosimann- international Athlete- Founding Partner/ Director of Happiness, Snowman Race, London, United Kingdom
  15. Luke Nelson- International Athlete, Pocatello, Idaho, USA
  16. Clair Perks- International Athlete, Artist, Little Monkey Metal Works, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  17. Alex “Chikorita” Roudayna - Mexico City, Mexico
  18. Jon Sabes- International Athlete/ Founding Partner/ CEO, FOXO Bioscience, Austin, Texas, USA
  19. Ian Sharman- International Athlete, Bend, Oregon, USA
  20. Sabrina Stanley- international Athlete, Professional Mountain Ultra-Runner for Adidas, Silverton, Colorado, USA
  21. Michael Wardian- international Athlete, international ShipBroker, Potomac Maritime LLC, Washington DC, USA
  22. Takuya Wakaoka- International Athlete, Fukuoka, Japan

Snowman Run Race Application Procedure

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