Bhutan Tops Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2020

With the world becoming more accessible than ever before, traveling to new and exotic destinations have been made so much easier. But the bigger question is “where”, from a whopping number of 195 countries to choose from, where does one start? Thank god for Lonely Planet and their list of countries to visit in 2020, your work has been made much easier or at the least, it is something to start with. It definitely might not have been easy for the experts at Lonely Planet either but nonetheless, here it is their top ten travel destinations for 2020 with Bhutan ranked as number one.

Bhutan has been ranked as the best tourist destination to visit in 2020 mainly for its pristine environment, dramatic landscapes, and magnificent fortresses. The tiny Himalayan kingdom with stringent tourism policy to control mass tourism has worked in favor of keeping the country’s natural environment and cultural aspects intact for so many years. Not only has the country been recognized as the only carbon negative country in the world, but it has also promised to go completely organic by the year 2020. To achieve that, the country has banned the use of fertilizers in agriculture practice. Its sustainable tourism is one of the biggest grounds on which it was ranked as the best destination by the renowned travel guide company.

This unusual nation has always preferred well being over materials as it also conveniently measures its development with the help of Gross National Happiness and not by Gross domestic product. This also resonates with its policy to control the crowd by imposing a daily tariff on the tourists. The daily tariff has been set at $200 and $250 during lean and peak season respectively. When it comes to the daily tariff, people have mixed feelings about it, as some feel it’s a little too expensive while some feel it’s a value for money arrangement for it’s an all-inclusive deal and for the entire amazing adventure one gets to experience.

Best in Travel Lonely Planet countries to visit in 2020 complete list.

1 Bhutan

2 England

3 North Macedonia

4 Aruba

5 Eswatini (formerly Swaziland)

6 Costa Rica

7 The Netherlands

8 Liberia

9 Morocco

10 Uruguay



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    Well deserved, wonderful country and wonderful people!
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