Bhutan Honeymoon Tour: A romantic escapade into the Mountains

Every couple deserves a beautiful beginning of their lovely journey for a lifetime of togetherness. Bhutan is the perfect destination for couples looking for some break after a series of exhausting wedding shenanigans or for couples looking for a chance to reignite their love by spending some quiet alone time away from home and a much-deserved break from the kids and families. Bhutan offers the best couple experience with tailor-made tour packages just designed for your comfort and likings.

For a memorable honeymoon, couples can choose to stay in the most tranquil private resorts tucked away into the most secluded mountains with the most beautiful views to wake up to. There are always the popular tourist attractions to explore together and if the pair is quite the adventurous type they can take romantic hikes amidst nature and experience Bhutanese culture with the locals or choose to camp at the most beautiful campsites under the stars and enjoy a mini night picnic gazing at the beautiful stars.

From an endless list of romantic things a couple can engage in, we have picked 5 most exciting things for couples in love to explore and give them a whole lot of memories to embark on their beautiful journey of a lifetime.

Enjoy the Sunrise at the Chelela Pass

What can be more romantic than witnessing the sunrise at 4000 meters? Chelela pass is located at an hour drive from the capital Thimphu and is also the highest motorable road in Bhutan.  An early drive to the pass can reward you with a magnificent view of the sun rising timidly from behind a snowy mountain.  Its rays slowly hitting the white snow and making the otherwise daunting peak gleam and glimmer.

As the sun rises higher into the sky it lights up the whole pass which has been decorated with endless streams of fluttering prayer flags. The whole pass lights up and the prayer flags become more colorful and beautiful than ever. You will also be able to see fluffy balls of clouds afloat in air right under your feet.  I kid you not; this has to be one of the most unique yet romantic and exciting sunrises in the whole world. And you will be considered lucky to experience it with your partner.

Outdoor Camp under the Stars in Phobjikha Valley

If you are the kind of couple that loves nature and adventure, then I highly recommend this.  Camping for a night under a blanket of stars has to be the new definition of quality time spent with the person you love the most. Phobjikha valley is located at 3 hours drive from the capital. The verdant valley is also home to the endangered species of bird called the black-necked cranes.  The valley is enclosed with mountains and set up a campsite on the meadow is the best way to take advantage of this beauty and feel closest to it. The best view is at night when the sky is filled with stars and you feel like you can pluck them right off the sky because they appear bigger and closer as you warm yourself by a bonfire and make memories with your significant other.

Visit the Fertility Temple

Chimi Lhakhang or the fertility temple is located in Punakha valley, an hour and a half drive from Phobjikha valley. This quaint temple is on the top list of attractions for couples to visit. The temple has the reputation of blessing couples with children. Many barren couples around the world who visited the temple and performed a certain ritual have received the blessing of becoming parents.  Something for the newlyweds to look forward to and the walk to the temple from the road is simply the most refreshing part of the excursion. The trail leads the visitors through the small pathway right through the middle of the paddy fields of the village. The village is dotted with two-storied traditional houses all surrounded with perfectly manicured terraces of paddy fields. It takes only five minutes to reach the temple and it will be a walk to remember indeed.

A Hike to the Tiger’s Nest

Taktshang monastery literally translates to Tiger’s Nest monastery in English. The name is derived from the historic legend of a Buddhist saint who rode a flying tigress to reach the site in the 7th century. The saint meditated in a cave for many years and the monastery was later built enclosing the cave. The monastery is astonishingly built on a cliff at 900 meters above the Paro valley. It takes four hours of a hike to reach the monastery. The hiking trail is let through a lush alpine forest and the entire path is adorned with prayer flags which add value to the experience but the most worthy experience is the view from the monastery. The slightly dizzying but somewhat satisfying panoramic view from the monastery will give you an adrenalin rush which will remain with the hikers for the rest of their lives.

Experience a Farm-Stay

Farm-stays can be a really interesting way to experience Bhutanese culture up-close, and it is much better to experience it as a couple because Bhutanese homes are tightly knitted together by the togetherness and the family values they uphold. The grandparents sit by the hearth and say prayers while the children beg their grandparents for more stories while their mother cooks warm meals filled with love and their father handle the field works. All these experiences can be essential for a couple starting a new journey of a lifetime.

Though Bhutan offers endless possibilities to fall in love with your partner all over again or with nature itself, we have only touched upon a few. Long story short, traveling to Bhutan is the only way to experience it.


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