Bhutan Visa – How to Process your Tourist Visa

Visitors of all nationalities except those from India, require a visa to visit Bhutan. Visa upon arrival option is only available for visitors from Bangladesh and the Maldives.

You can apply for the visa online or through a local travel operator in Bhutan can apply for it for you.

What are Bhutan Visa requirement?

  • A digital copy of a valid passport
  • A recent digital passport photo
  • Arrival and departure dates
  • Valid travel insurance for the duration of your travel
  • Payment details

Your visa application process can only be completed once you have paid the one-off visa processing fee and the sustainable development fee for the duration of your trip.

How much is the Visa processing fee?

US$ 40 per person as visa processing fee.

What is Sustainable Development Fee and calculating your SDF?

all visitors must pay a Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) as part of their visa application process. The SDF is a daily levy which supports Bhutan’s development.

  • US$200 per day per person for an adult.
  • Children aged 6 to 12 at the time of travel receive a 50% discount on their SDF.
  • Children below 6 are exempt from paying any SDF.

For example, the total SDF payable for a couple with a six-year-old visiting Bhutan for 4 nights would be

(2 adults * US$200 * 4) + (1 child * US$100 * 4) = US$2000

*This does not cover your travel expenses (accommodation, transport & meals, etc)

What is the visa application process?

You can apply your visa online using the visa portal. Alternatively, if you are looking for a hassle free booking experience, you may also apply for it through your local tour operator.

  1. Pick a local tour operator
  2. Confirm travel dates and tour itinerary
  3. Book hotel, flights, transport and guide
  4. Complete payment which includes your visa fee, SDF, and your trip cost
  5. Tour operator will apply your visa on your behalf
  6. Department Of Tourism will verify your payment details and approve your visa
  7. A copy of visa will be shared to you