Bhutan Travel Cost

There is a one-off visa processing fee of US$40 per person.

In addition, all visitors must pay a Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) as part of their visa application process. The SDF is a daily levy which supports Bhutan’s development.

  • US$200 per day per person for an adult.
  • Children aged 6 to 12 at the time of travel receive a 50% discount on their SDF.
  • Children below 6 are exempt from paying any SDF.

For example, the total SDF payable for a couple with a six-year-old visiting Bhutan for 4 nights would be

(2 adults * US$200 * 4) + (1 child * US$100 * 4) = US$2000

*This does not cover your travel expenses (accommodation, transport & meals, etc)

  • Flights can only be booked through either Bhutan Airlines or Druk Air. The airlines offer Business and Economy options only.
  • Accommodation options are available at different price range from luxury hotels to budget and homestay.
  • You have the option of hiring an SUV, mid-sized van, or a bus depending on the size of your group. The cost will include a vetted professional driver and airport transfer.
  • If you plan to visit destinations beyond Paro and Thimphu and go on a trek, you must be accompanied by a professional tour guide. Professional tour guides charge a daily fee. All tour guides can speak English.
  • There are entry fees to attraction areas. Fees may vary and tickets can be purchased on arrival.
  • Activities such as cycling, rafting, a game of traditional archery, a hot stone bath, and photo session in traditional attire can be organised at an extra cost. Some of these activities may require bookings in advance.

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You may use our Bhutan trip cost calculator to get an estimate cost for your trip.