How to Travel to Bhutan from Australia

Getting to Bhutan by Air

Paro International Airport is the point of entry and exit for all travelers travelling by flight to Bhutan. Only Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines operate in and out of the airport. The airlines operate daily flights to multiple major Indian cities, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand and Singapore.

Flight Schedule to Bhutan:

Singapore to Paro Bhutan: Druk Air, the national airline operates flight from Singapore to Paro Bhutan three times a week.

Bangkok to Paro Bhutan: Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines operate daily flight from Bangkok to Paro Bhutan.

Calcutta to Paro Bhutan:  Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines operate daily flight from Calcutta to Paro Bhutan.

Kathmandu to Paro Bhutan: Druk Air operates daily flights from Kathmandu to Paro Bhutan and Bhutan Airlines operate flight from Kathmandu to Paro Bhutan four times a week.

Note* Schedules are subject to change, visit the airline website or contact us for more information.


Booking your trip to Bhutan:

Step 1:
Get in touch with a local tour operator and confirm your tour bookings and visa prior to your departure from Australia. Tourism regulations of Bhutan mandates that all travelers must book their travel through a local tour operator and tourist visas are issued in advance. Your tourist visa will be verified at the airport on arrival.

Step 2:
While finalizing your travel logistics, you will also need to confirm your transit city (cities where local airlines operate an inbound flight to Bhutan) from where you will board your flight to Bhutan and book your flight ticket accordingly.

Step 3:
Catch a flight from Australia to your decided transit city. Switch flights and you will be on your way to Bhutan.

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