4 reasons why you should plan your trip to Bhutan during the lean season

Organizing your trip becomes very easy

During the lean periods, the airlines struggle to fill their seats while the hoteliers do very low occupancy. The odds of getting the airline tickets from your choice of sector and confirming a reservation at your preferred hotel is almost certain. And if you wish to avail a local tour operator’s service, you would enjoy an undivided attention and timely response from the sales rep as they probably would not be engaged in organizing other tours.

Budget Travel for the same experience

“Something is better than nothing” is the mantra these service providers live by during the lean season. Airlines and hoteliers slash their rates to offset their losses during these extended periods of drought. Hoteliers are known to offer discount up to 50% if you can successfully bargain. Travel agents charge minimal service fee.

Quality and personalized service from hoteliers

Any hotel with a high occupancy day in and day out are bound to have tired staffs and rightly so. Their working hours are unusually stretched and despite their best effort, quality of service is hindered. With many hungry in house guests to feed, it becomes a challenge to maintain its quality of food served having to rush getting it ready. While the hotels are obligated to offer an acceptable grade of service, you can be assured that you probably did not get best of service. On the flip side, if you were staying at a hotel where the staffs are relaxed and pleasant, the fact that they are trained to extend hospitality, they would ensure that they deliver their best.

Experience your ideal vacation

With a pleasant experience of arranging your trip on your own terms and the service providers delivering quality service, the overall experience of your trip is bound to be great. Not to mention with all the discounts available, your travel expense can be reduced significantly.

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