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5 Common Myths about Travelling to Bhutan Debunked

June 22, 2018
When you talk to people about traveling to Bhutan, let me guess! The reactions were: OMG! You must be so rich to be able to travel to Bhutan? , are you sure? It is so hard to get there or maybe even like Bhutan only issues a limited number of visas you have to be super lucky to be able to get one. This article features 5 common myths about traveling to Bhutan which are debunked. This article will help you to clear all the myths and misconceptions about traveling to Bhutan.

6 must buy Souvenirs in Bhutan

May 10, 2018
Bhutan has a small craft industry and Bhutan offers a wide variety of crafts from natural dyed-fabrics, intricate textiles, to appliqué based paintings and unique postal stamps. This article will help the readers pick amongst the top authentic Bhutanese souvenirs to buy and an idea on the specialty of Bhutan's handicrafts.

Zhabdrung Kuchoe - Remembering the Founder of Bhutan

April 26, 2018
Ngawang Namgyel is a Tibetan Buddhist lama who is credited as the Founder of modern day Bhutan in the 1630s; He is also accredited for institutionalizing a distinct Bhutanese cultural identity unique from its neighboring countries. Later he was granted the honorific Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. Zhabdrung translates to “at whose feet one submits” which transpired when citizenry pledged total submission by laying tribute to his feet.

Solo female traveler's guide to Bhutan

April 24, 2018
If the fact that flying to Bhutan alone and planning the whole solo-trip is the idea, then yes, it is possible for a female to travel solo to Bhutan. However, when it comes to exploring Bhutan, it is not possible for a solo female traveler to do it all alone unless she is a citizen of India, Bangladesh, or Maldives. The reason being the country’s tourism policy. Bhutanese government requires that a tourist visiting Bhutan should come in only through an authorized local tour agency and must be accompanied by a tour guide. This is to protect and preserve the country’s natural environment and unique culture.

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bhutan in 2018

April 17, 2018
Bhutan is the leading green destination in the world. It was awarded the “Earth Award” in 2018. Bhutan was selected as the winner amongst the top 100 sustainable destinations. The award recognizes a destination’s effort in promoting responsible tourism. The award ceremony was held on March 7th 2018 in ITB (International Tourism Bourse) in Berlin, Germany. 

5 Budget Travel Tips to Bhutan

April 11, 2018
Even though the government imposes a fixed minimum daily tariff for travelers visiting Bhutan, there are a certain money-saving tips that you can follow while planning your trip to cut down on your travel budget. This article guides tourists on the best time to visit Bhutan and shares some tips on how to plan their trip that will allow them to travel cheap to Bhutan.

Top 6 Things To Do in Bhutan

February 12, 2018
The mountainous terrains in Bhutan have led to the construction of roads at unusually high elevation connecting different districts within Bhutan. With significant increase in elevation, the environment in terms of vegetation, climate and air are distinct at these mountain passes as compared to the valley. These mountain passes offer an amazing undisturbed and magnified view of the Eastern Himalayas. With the rising popularity of these destinations among the tourists, cafes and restaurants have been built to cater to the needs of the travelers. Two most visited mountain passes are Dochula (3100m) and Chelela (3800m)

3 Reasons Why Pay the Minimum Daily Tariff by Tourists Visiting Bhutan

January 30, 2018
All tourist visiting Bhutan with the exception of Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian are subject to the minimum tariff levied on daily basis times the number of nights spent in the country. The stipulated daily tariff for a group of 3 persons or more is as follows: USD 200 per person per night for the months of December, January, February, June, July and August USD 250 per person per night for the months of March, April, May, September, October and November