Trek to Aja Ney


A concealed sacred cave of hundred inscriptions of the syllable ‘Aa” known as the Aja Ney is situated in Ngatsang village under Mongar District is considered as one of the most sacred pilgrim sites in Bhutan. The discovery of the Ney dates back to the time of Guru Rinpoche when he meditated in the cave and once completed his meditation the inscriptions were imprinted on the inner walls of the cave as to mark the attainment of perfection. The inscription is said to bring a momentary enlightenment upon a mere sight by the pilgrims and also said to cleanse one of their past sins.
Every year thousands of devotees visit the site and meditate in the sacred caves. Aja Ney also holds numerous religious symbols including footprints and body prints of Guru Padmasambhava.
The sacred site is located at an altitude of 3500m above sea level and is a three-day trek from Mongar Dzong. The trek to the sacred site runs through bamboo groves and meadows and sometimes through dense forest crossing mountains. The journey in itself is the most beautiful part of the trek which will be a lifetime experience and also an opportunity to connect with nature.

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