Gom Kora


Gom Kora Literally translating to Meditation and circumambulation, the temple is as sacred as the name depicts. A temple is perched on a small plateau hovering over the River. The temple is enclosed with meticulously trimmed terraces of rice fields giving the viewers a sense of contentment like a safe haven.
The two storied temple is located at about 22Kms from Trashigang on the road to Tashiyangtse and it holds immense spiritual significance as is said that Guru Rinpoche meditated at the site to subdue a demon and he left his body impressions on the rock. Guru Rinpoche also hid a vase containing water of immortality inside the rock. Devoted pilgrims often see water trickling from the rock which is believed to give its drinker a boon of long life.
The interior of the temple is as extravagant as the exterior, the walls and ceilings see amazing explosions of murals which dates back to its original date of creation period. The temple houses valuable religious relics and statues.

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