Mongar Dzong


Mongar Dzong which was built as late as in 1930s is one of the very few Dzongs that were built very recently in the country. The Dzong stands majestically on a slope overlooking the Mongar town. Though considered one of the newest Dzongs, it has all the aspect of a traditional architecture and it houses the district administrative offices and the monastic body of Mongar district. The Dzong was built to cater to the need of a central administrative position and to replace the older Zhongar Dzong which was damaged by fire. The walls and the Ceilings of the Dzong boast murals and paintings of Buddha’s doctrines. The Utse of the Dzong has two entrances which very unlikely compared to other Dzongs in the country.
A four day long Tshechu is held at the courtyard of the Dzong in November every year.

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