Attractions in Zhemgang

If you are planning on visiting Zhemgang, we have compiled a list of must see attractions and things that you can do and see in Zhemgang.

Zhemgang district lies in the south-central part of Bhutan and Panbang is a remote community which lies in the southern side of Zhemgang district.
The park is home to over 86 different mammals, 365 birds and 900 plant species.
The Marang Jungle camp is initiated and managed by the River Guides of Panbang.
Duenmang hot spring is located at the bottom of a valley about an hour walk downhill from the road at about 75 Kilometers from Zhemgang.
Panbang is home to the country's largest river basins proving to be one of the best places to seek adventure tours.
Some of the worth visiting heritage villages in Zhemgang include Bjokha Village, Trong heritage village, and Dangkhar heritage village. Excursions i...
Zhemgang Dzong is beautifully situated atop the peak of a triangularly shaped ridge that rises sharply from the Mangdechu, facing the village of Trong...