Zhemgang Dzong (Fortress)


Zhemgang Dzong is beautifully situated atop the peak of a triangularly shaped ridge that rises sharply from the Mangdechu, facing the village of Trong and the town of Zhemgang.
Lama Zhang Dorje Drakpa, a renowned scholar-sage of the Drukpa Kagyu school of Buddhism is credited with the founding of the Dzong. Lama Zhang is considered by many to be the greatest Buddhist saint to have settled in Zhemgang. His importance in Kheng region is justified by the fact that he was the founder of the Dzong, the most important religious building in the Kheng area.
The Dzong was built later around 1655 on the site where Lama Zhang had built a hermitage to mark the unification of the present day Zhemgang valley and to defend the land against invaders.
The visitors can enjoy a relaxing stroll through the Trong heritage village and be marveled by the magnificence of the fortress with the most beautiful backdrop of a daunting black mountain covered in snow. On clear days when clouds make way for the sun to shine through, the glimmering of the snow on the mountain peaks is an absolute treat for photography enthusiasts.