Excursion into Heritage villages


The villages in Zhemgang are unlike any other in the country. They offer a true setting of countryside life in Bhutan. Excursions to villages in Zhemgang add value to the traveler’s experience. Zhemgang region is known for its ethnic cuisines like the flowers of the banana tree made with cottage cheese and a variety of wild yams. Wild herbs are also found in abundance in this region. Some of the worth visiting heritage villages in Zhemgang include Bjokha Village, Trong heritage village, and Dangkhar heritage village.
Excursions into Dangkhar village with traditional stone houses are a thrilling experience. The village was declared a heritage village by the government to preserve the hundred-year-old stone houses. The village is located below the highway before reaching the Zhemgang Dzong.
The Trong village is beautifully set in the vicinity of Zhemgang Dzong. Clustered traditional two-storied stone houses with wooden windows make up the Trong village. The village emanates the true essence of traditional Bhutanese settlement and preserves Bhutan’s cultural identity. Due to this aspect of the village, it was declared a heritage village.
Another must-see site in Zhemgang is the beautiful Bjokha village. More than 800-year-old black and white stone houses beautify the village. Bamboo crafting is a cultural heritage of Bjokha village. It is a source of revenue and a creative pride for the people of Bjokha village. 90% of the household are engaged in cane and bamboo production.