Takila Guru Statue


The 157 feet bronze statue of Guru Nangsey Zileon sits atop a hill in Takila in Lhuntse District. The statue is approached by a gradual ascent of motor road built navigating through the community paddy fields and traditional houses. The approach is as scenic as the destination, especially when the terrains are transformed into a golden color paddy field. Upon arrival at the site, the meticulously sculpted statue greets the visitors and the view of the valley below is quite spectacular.
As prophesied, the statue was built to promote stability, peace and prosperity in the country and around the world. The giant statue houses a three storied temple. Since its consecration, it has attracted local and foreigner devotees to the site which has helped the community grow economically. Few farmhouses have started a bed and breakfast service offering travelers an authentic overnight stay experience in this quaint village.