Bhutan Gate - Gateway to Serenity


Bhutan gate marks the entrance into the Kingdom. It holds significant importance as it marks the harmonious relation between the two countries and is the very first Bhutanese structures that the visitors are likely to see. A grand structure that greets the visitors coming into the country from India designed with Bhutanese traditional architecture style and dragons painted on its both sides depicting true Bhutanese art.

The busy Jaigoan town of West Bengal is just a gate away sharing its boundary with the Phuntsholing town of Bhutan and the gate makes a huge difference as one can feel the definite distinction of the two sides. As soon as one crosses the gate, one will not hear the noisy market vendors and the loud ear-piercing honks almost as if one entered into a completely different dimension of noise free, fresh air and clean atmosphere. The traffic is much more relaxed and regulated unlike in the adjacent Jaigoan town.

Tourists can stop for a while at the garden in front of the gate and relax for a moment to get used to the fresh serene environment and take pictures to mark the beginning of a beautiful journey into the peaceful kingdom of Bhutan. The gate is truly a gateway to serenity if not to heaven.