Amo Chu Crocodile Zoo


Home to marshy magnificent crocodiles and gharials, the Amo-chu-crocodile zoo is one of the most visited attractions in Phuntsholing town.

Located at 5 minutes drive from the heart of the town on the banks of Amo Chu River, the center has become the city’s pride and unarguably the most visited tourist attractions in Phuntsholing town. The center was established in 1976 with a goal to breed and increase the population of these endangered species. The center releases them into nature once they become old enough to fend themselves in their natural habitat. The center started with only 4 Gharials and today the center has grown and is stretched over 0.6-acre land. As intimidating as it seems the Gharials and the marsh Crocodiles are a treat to the onlookers especially when they are being fed and cleaned by the caretakers when they are all being such nice behaved creatures. The best time to watch these marsh muggers are in the afternoon when they are dozing.

Timings to visit the Crocodile zoo

Monday – Sunday: 9 AM -5 PM

Entry Fees to visit the Zoo:

Foreigners: NU.50
SAARC Member Countries: NU.20