Haa Homestay Experience


The serene environment and tranquil ambiance of Haa Valley provides the travelers from foreign lands with an authentic experience of a true Bhutanese countryside lifestyle. Traditional stairs and intricately designed architecture of the farmhouses and friendly hosts welcomes the guests immediately. The interiors emit warm ambiance with pre-installed Bhukhari (fireplace) and wooden floors and the view from the traditional windows are just magical. These farmhouses strive to provide the guests with a home-away-from-home experience with amenities like shower installed bathrooms and clean sanitized beddings and the best is the organically grown vegetables made into delicious cuisines. The guests can relax and ramble through the villages and enjoy the peacefulness which the Haa valley radiates. Friendly games of archery or simply making cottage cheese with the hosts are some fun activities to try while at a farmhouse. At the end of the day the guests can unwind with a soak in the hot stone bath infused with medicinal plants which is relaxing for both the mind and the body and later the guests can sit by the fire and drink warm beverages before going to bed for their next exciting day in Bhutan.