Tariff Rate

Is the tariff of US$200/250 per day for a couple or per person ?
Dear Abhishek,

If you are an Indian, Bangladeshi or Maldivian national holding a valid passport, the daily tariff do not apply. Visa application is not required however you will need to process entry permit to enter the country.

To answer your question, except for these regional travelers, all other tourist will be levied USD 225 during lean season(Dec, Jan, Feb, Jun, Jul, Aug) and USD 250 during peak season (Mar, Apr, May, Sept, Oct, Nov) per person per night
Thank you for your prompt reply. Actually I am an Indian NRI but I have valid Indian passport. Can you please clarify if I would be levied the daily tariff.
Any Non resident Indian holding a valid Indian national passport would be eligible and qualified as a regional traveler and therefore be exempted from paying the daily tariff set by the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

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